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Google Advertising
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Find Your Niche, Drive Down Costs, and Run Campaigns that Convert

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Google Ads, formerly called Google AdWords, was designed so anyone can log in and create an advertising campaign. While Google Ads is an extremely robust platform, it is also highly complex and complicated to master.  

Many retailers who think they can create a Google Ads Account and control their online advertising and pay-per-click campaigns spend a lot of money very quickly and see no results. It is easy to become very frustrated and walk away from the most important part of their online presence.

When it comes to Google Ads, Experience Counts


To succeed with Pay-per-click Google Ads, it is essential to work with a person who has a significant amount of experience with Google Search and the Google Ads Platforms. Ruby has been creating and managing Google Ad Campaigns for over 10 years. Over that time, small businesses have benefited and have been transformed thanks to the successful campaigns which attract the perfect potential customers.

With extensive experience and knowledge, Ruby will explain your campaign and reporting in a clear, precise, down-to-Earth way without using industry jargon.   Ruby is dedicated to your campaign and, due to her success, has an extremely high, industry-leading retention rate. Ruby's experience makes her a valued business partner.

Advertising is all about Finding Your Niche

Google Ads is all about finding your niche. What is it about you that stands out above your competition? This attention to detail allows Ruby to implement her training and knowledge to create advertising campaigns that stand out and get noticed. Most importantly, Ruby can help you avoid those costly keywords that can cause you to run through your budget without seeing any real benefit.

Avoid Wasted Spend

Find your niche and avoid those expensive keywords that suck up your budget.

Improve Your Quality Score

Improving your Quality Score decreases your Costs and gives you a better chance of being seen.

Landing Page Optimization

Does your landing page match your Google Ads? This is a major part of increasing your Quality Score.

Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Ads with a high-quality Score and optimized keywords have a better chance of being seen and driving traffic to your website.

Stone Media Consulting's Google Ad Services add value to your campaign by:

  • Minimizing your costs and maximizing your returns by funneling your resources to the campaigns that work best for your business.

  • Identifying niches to find inexpensive campaigns that bring big results.

  • Carefully determining the best Geo-targeting parameters and methods.

  • Monitoring 'search term vs. keyword' performance reports to harvest new keywords and enhance matching.

  • Implementing all best practices to get the most out of what Google offers

Google Adwords help

Industries we have worked with include: Solar Panel Installers, Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Beauty and Lifestyle Brands, Non-Profits, Events, Restaurants, Equipment Manufacturers, UPS Stores, Accountants, Theaters

Additional Services Provided

ECommerce Support and Management

Does Amazon have your team strapped for time? Stone Media Consulting can help you update your product catalog so that is optimized for better results.

Google Ads for

Many Non-Profit organizations can benefit from a Google Ad Grant.  Google provides free advertising to 501c3 organizations.  Significant restrictions apply.

Online Marketing and Promotions

Digital Marketing can be a difficult area to navigate with so many options to choose from.   We will consult with you to help you make the decision that is best for you.

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