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Attract Customers by Creating Amazing Content Across a Variety of Platforms

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Online marketing, social media and promotions use platforms such as social, online advertising, media, blogging, and your website to attract customers by creating valuable content and giving visitors a great experience. These inbound marketing tools form connections, generate trust, and helps to build relationships.

Build Your Audience in a Way That Builds Trust and Excites Your Visitors


Content comes in many forms, including website content, a blog, emails and social media.  All of these platforms work together to relate information relevant to your audience and show them that you are a leader in your field.  Great content helps to generate the trust that is needed to have people call you and go from being a visitor to being a customer or a client.

Stone Media Consulting Has Been on the Cutting Edge of Social Media, Online Marketing and Promotions for more than 12 Years.​

Ruby Stone and Stone Media Consulting have been at the forefront of Social Media and Inbound Marketing for well over 12 years as one of the first agencies to specifically focus on Social Media as a primary marketing platform.

Ruby has helped dozens of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as non-profits, grow through the use of Social Media, blogging, online advertising and other Inbound Marketing techniques.  When you want your business to grow, Stone Media Consulting has the experience and skills to create an Inbound Marketing campaign that will generate results.

Social Media

Millions of eyes are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked In every day.  You have to be where the eyes are.


Show people you are a leader in your field.  We provide high-quality researched blog content for your website.

Website Content

For many people, your website is their first interaction with your company.  Show then that they are in good hands with you and your business.

Content Strategy

Using Social Media, Blogs, and your Website Content to generate a successful Inbound Marketing campaign takes thought and carefully constructed strategy.

  • Social Media campaigns that speak to your audience, generates excitement and build trust

  • Blogging that informs and entertains your readers and lets people know you are a leader in  your field

  • Website Content optimization that is keyword-rich and SEO-ready

  • Carefully planning content and digital marketing strategy that ties your content together

  • Implementation of all current Google and Digital Marketing best practices

  • Recommendations on promotional opportunities

  • Initial set up and on-going monthly program management available

Industries we have worked with include Healthy Foods and Olive Oils, Restaurants, Health and Wellness, Organic and All Natural Cosmetics and Lifestyle Products, Professional Services including Attorneys, Doctors, Mental Health Professionals, Chiropractors, Financial Advisors, and Accountants, Solar Installation, Roofing and Construction, UPS and Shipping Stores, Pet Care, Theater Companies, Local and National Non-Profit Organizations, Fraternal and Community Organizations. 

Additional Services Provided

ECommerce Support and Management

Does Amazon have your team strapped for time? Stone Media Consulting can help you update your product catalog so that is optimized for better results.

Google Advertising
(Pay Per Click)

Find your niche and drive down your cost per click.  Ruby has over 10 years of Google Advertising Experience creating campaigns that get results.

Google Ads for

Many Non-Profit organizations can benefit from a Google Ad Grant.  Google provides free advertising to 501c3 organizations.  Significant restrictions apply.

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