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Are you Timeline Ready?

Wikipedia describes a timeline as: ” a way of displaying a list of events in chronological order, sometimes described as a project artifact. It is typically a graphic design showing a long bar labeled with dates alongside itself and (usually) events labeled on points where they would have happened.”  The new design on Facebook is properly named. 

 Some people find the new format hard to navigate, and hate change.  The old style is very linear and a little more easy to understand at a glance but the new format has a lot of interesting features.

Here are some of my favorites features:

Pinned Posts:  You can now “anchor” important posts to the top of your page for up to 7 days.  There is nothing more frustrating than important news disappearing down your page and this feature eliminates that problem.

Apps:  You can now create custom images for your apps. So instead of an app have a shamrock and saying “Sweeps”  You can change the image into anything you want like, “CLICK HERE TO WIN” or “WIN BIG” 

Hightlight: You can now “Highlight” a story making it take up both sides of the timeline. 

Make sure you take a look at Facebook’s Product Guide as they have some new rules and regulations and specifics on the changes.  Have fun with the change and remember you have until March 30th, 2012

To Download Product Guides from Facebook click here


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