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Halloween Dress Up Isn’t Just For Kids

Okay, so it may seem a bit like animal cruelty but you have to admit that an animal in a costume brings a smile to your face. As long as the animal can walk and wag it’s tail then we think dressing up your pet for Halloween is more than fine, it might even be necessary. Here are some personal favorites  of ours that we really hope go viral.

There is always the simple option of just adding some wings onto the back of your cat and calling them “bat cat”:


OR you can dress up your pet to be the sidekicks/loyal protector of your kids when you go out trick-or-treating:


If you really want to go all out, then you can disguise your corgi as real life fire engine:


Or make your dog into an optical illusion:


Why not dress up all four of your dogs and questionably spend more money on their outfits than you do on our own:


Whatever you decide to do, just make sure the animal is not TOO annoyed with the costume and it brings a smile to everyone who sees your pet out and about! Or just stay at home and laugh at the ridiculousness, that is totally okay too. Don’t forget to post pictures of your pet on Facebook and Instagram to share the hilariousness with the rest of the world!


Happy Halloween from Stone Media Consulting!


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