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March Marketing Madness

This week I was asked to do a talk about Social Media Tips at the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce for the Power Partners Group on Quick Tips for Social Media. While I was putting these together I did laugh out loud several times as I caught myself not following my own advice for my own company even though I do it for my clients.


  1. Do you need to be on?  Why? If yes then:

  2. Have a separate business and personal page

  3. Use pictures every time so that is shows up in the newsfeed better.

  4. Use customizable links. (For example instead of

  5. For every 5 posts you do, do 3 post about something industry related or that shows your personality and then 2 about your business


  1. Do you need to be on? Why?

  2. Set your profile photo

  3. Pick username that is easy to remember

  4. customized your background 

  5. follow industry leaders


  1. Can be short, about 2 paragraphs and a picture

  2. Link back to your website or other social media sites


  1. Do you need to be on? Why?

  2. Build boards industry themed

  3. Pin images that link back to your website or blog

  4. Use it to help find interesting images to post on Facebook


  1. Get good pictures

  2. Complete your profile

  3. Add skills

  4. Join groups

  5. Link with people after mixers or events

I hope what I came up with is helpful, and please let me know if you have any tips of your own.

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