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Skype and Facebook Integration

Skype and Facebook have teamed up to make it easier than ever to stay in touch. Video call with all your Facebook friends direct from Skype. This service will go live this Thursday. Connect with Facebook friends through Skype

Exclusive to Skype – make video and voice calls, as well as send instant messages, to all your Facebook friends direct from Skype.

Newsfeed features

  1. See your Facebook wall directly in Skype

  2. Update your Facebook status

  3. Easily Like or comment on a Friend’s status

  4. Call your Facebook friends directly on their mobile or landlines

Skype to Facebook IM features

  1. See Facebook friends in your Skype contact list

  2. See when your Facebook friends are online

  3. Instant message with your Facebook friends direct from Skype

Jonathan Rosenberg, Skype’s chief technology strategist, said the company wants to help a billion people communicate, particularly with video. Working with Facebook “is really taking us a big step closer to that goal,” he said.


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