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Spring Clean Your Social Media Profiles

When was the last you you cleaned up your Social Media profiles?  If you are like most people, you set them up once and never go back to make updates and clean it up.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Across all social media platforms

  2. Change your profile picture – Make sure it is a nice picture of you that is bright and cheerful.  If you are a professional it is worth spending the money on professional photos.

  3. Cover images – Update cover images on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

  4. LinkedIn

  5. Has you job or contact info changed?

  6. Do you have any pending invitations?

  7. Did you move?

  8. Add in new certifications or awards.

  9. Are you on any new boards?

  10. Have you volunteered anywhere new?

  11. Do you have any new articles that were published?

  12. Do you have an presentations you want to share?

  13. Facebook

  14. Are there any old photos you want to remove?

  15. Remove any unwanted applications.  Go to Settings then click on apps and delete the ones you no longer use.

What else do you like to clean up?

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