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Study: Gens X, Y Rely On Research, Less On Loyalty

From Media Post

In a great article today on Media Post, they say that here’s some advice to brands putting the onus on loyalty to drive sales: “Be afraid … be very afraid.” AMP Agency, a Boston-based branding firm, has just completed a study of consumers, “Inside the Buy,” that suggests that actually very few consumers between the ages of 25 and 49 are moved to purchase by habit, or sentimental considerations for a brand

About half of consumers go to a brand’s Web site for pre-purchase research, while 46% said they go to a retailer’s Web site initially. Forty percent said they visit third-party review sites, and 38% said they go to social media Web sites. Almost three-quarters of respondents said their first choice is general consumer reviews, which is about twice the importance they put on expert reviews on product durability and functionality. In fact, half of respondents said online consumer reviews most influenced their purchase. Forty-one percent said feedback from a friend was important, and 37% were influenced by the number of positive reviews they read online. “By identifying the steps involved in the consideration process, we found that consumers are being strongly influenced by information and opinions shared online,” said Marsh.

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