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The Power of a Group

Santa Clara Power Partners

I belong to the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce.  I joined for an unusual reason, to get out from behind my computer.  Most of my clients are out of town and the other people on my team work remotely. The solitude was getting to me, so I joined.

Boy was I in for a surprise! I joined the Wednesday lunch group called the Power Partners. A passionate, outspoken, intelligent, comedic, successful group of local business people.  We talk about our successes and challenges and give each other advice. Recently I was having a challenge with communication with one of my clients and a member of my group phone latter that day with amazing suggestions. We refer each others businesses because we know that if we do whoever we refer will be taken care of.  We rejoice in each others achievements and hold each other accountable. Every Wednesday I am renewed and ready to go back to my business.

If you are a business owner and think you are the only one going through the challenges that you are, know that you are not alone. We all face similar problems no matter what the industry.  I highly recommend joining a local chamber or networking group.

Thank you to my Power Partners for all your support!


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