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The Social Media Law of Value

One of the points of social media marketing is to get your name out there and hopefully to get some of the people who see your message to interact with you. There is a danger in social media that you could get to be a little too focused on you, and no offense to you, but “you” can get boring after a while.  Social media is about being interesting.  Social media is also about interactions.  It is a conversation between you and the people who follow your page.

Not every post has to be about converting people to likes and to sales.  Show your personality.  Develop relationships.  Have a conversation. Give people a reason to keep coming back.  In the end, every person you connect with is a potential online influencer.  There was an old ad campaign that said “she told two friends and she told two friends and so on and so on and so on”.   In today’s media, it isn’t two friends.  Every message, every retweet and every share has the potential of reaching hundreds of their friends.  And so on and so on and so on.

Word of mouth is incredibly important, especially for small business.   In order to get that word of mouth going you have to be someone that people remember.  Not only do you have to provide great service so people feel comfortable recommending you, but in the world of social media marketing you have to have a good balance of advertising yourself, giving people interesting and relevant information to keep them interested and maintain a level of interaction so people know that you are not just your service, you are a real person with a background and interests. When you break through that barrier of just being a person in that company to being a real person who is genuinely interested in providing a quality service, you will realize what the Law of Value is really about.  And so on, and so on.

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