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Trade Show Best Practices

Most of our posts are directed to on-line marketing but today I was at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and wanted to post on Trade Show Booth Best Practices.  

Booth Design:

  1. Keep you booth clean and uncluttered. Hide your purse, coffee cup, paperwork, extra stock etc.

  2. After you set-up the booth, step back and view it from the aisle.  Ask yourself:  Is it clear what we are selling? Is it clear who our company is? Are my products laid out so they are easy to understand?

  3. Good lighting makes all the difference. It makes product “pop” and draws people to your booth.  It is worth every penny!  Spot lights from the ceiling are always the best.

  4. Can you banners be seen from the aisle? Make sure you take in account all the booth furnishing when designing the banners. If key information is the bottom and your table is blocking it, your message will get lost.

Booth Etiquette and tips

  1. Limit cell phone use in the booth.  If you need to make a call, step out of the booth if possible. Same thing applies to texting and emailing.

  2.  Be a good neighbor.  Share that tape, stapler, screwdriver, pen, whatever they need because someday you might need help.

  3. No need for matching shirts but matching your outfit to the brand helps you look at home in the booth. Also wear comfortable shoes or bring a pair to switch into in case your feet hurt.

  4. Stand.

  5. Smile.

  6. Keep booth conversations with co-workers upbeat.  We can hear you as we walk by. You will seem unapproachable.

  7. Treat everyone with kindness and respect NO matter what their badges say.

  8. Remember that you new biggest customer could come at anytime, even at 5 min before the show closes. Stay until the end and do not pack up early.

 What tips do you have?

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