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Using Multiple Media Outlets

Multiple Media Outlets: The key to success

It happens quite often that when we use multiple media outlets for our clients, people will think that each outlet is its own thing.  Questions tend to be about what are doing on this site and what are we doing on that site.  They will then ask about what we are doing with the email campaign.  We explain that all of these things are not separate things.  They are all part of the overall plan to market their business online.  Everything compliments each other focusing on the goal or goals of the overall marketing plan.

It is the times when we utilize things like email or online sweepstakes as a complement to the existing marketing campaigns is when we see the biggest improvements in traffic, interactions and most importantly, conversions.

The truth is that any one of these items may have seen some level of success.  If you take the message, look and feel of the email campaign, then tie that into your Facebook ad campaign, you are reinforcing the message to people and if they might not have reacted to the email, they will be forced to think twice when they see the same message again on Facebook or the other way around.  They might see the ad and not think too much about it then have the message reinforced through email.  The point is about reach and frequency.  You want to find a good balance of outlets to get your message across to bolster both reach and frequency to get the most of any single campaign as opposed to running multiple campaigns in parallel across multiple media outlets.

We often hear the phrase “I want to be on Facebook”.  Choosing any one platform, even a big one like Facebook is quite limiting.  To see true success stop thinking about Facebook and start thinking about an integrated social media campaign using multiple media outlets to compliment each other to not only send out your message, but to reinforce it.

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