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Will Facebook continue to be the Godzilla of Social Media?

I found this great image on Mashable.com

Where do you think the trends are going to go in 2011?  Will Facebook continue to be the Godzilla of Social Media?

Looking back on 2010, there were so many changes in how people  and companies use social media.  Facebook grew at a 145% rate in 2010. The Younger generation does not even email anymore they text and communicate on Facebook.  Also the older demographics are growing everyday.  (Users over 55+ years of age grew by 922.7% from last year.) You know it is more than a fad when your Mother joins in on it.

For companies, Social Media has really given  them an outlet to communicate with their consumers and get back feedback instantly.   The can update information, images, tone of voice whenever they want. 

What do you feel like you are missing in Social Media?  Where do you see the next big area of growth? Stone Media Consulting wants your view

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