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A Complete Online Presence

Stone Media Consulting provides your business or non-profit with a complete online presence. We specialize in integrating your business with the ever-expanding world of online marketing. Your brand is unique and cannot be forced into a standard, uniform box. At Stone Media Consulting we design an online marketing plan to specifically meet your needs. We highlight your individuality and get you to stand out from, and in front of, the crowd.

What are you passionate about?

What makes your business unique? What is the impression you want to make in your customers and potential customers. We help you find your voice in order to get your message out to the rest of the world. Coordinate your Webpage, Google Advertising, Facebook Business Page and Advertising, E-mail Blasts, and your Blog to create a successful return on your investment by successfully infiltrating your target market.

A complete online and social media program

We will create an online marketing and social media marketing program that is focused and easy to follow and has clear and precise goals. From getting set up on the social media sites, to creating content and running promotions, we devise a strategy that works for you.

We Specialize in Passionate Companies

Building relationships starts with communication. Contact Stone Media Consulting to get a free consultation. See how Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing can create a better connection with your customers and prospects.

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    Setting SMART Goals

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    There is feeling in sales that you shouldn’t sell someone one thing now, you should sell someone ten things over time.  It is a great idea.  The problem with old-fashions sales is that the salesperson and the customer only saw […]

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  • Social Media Manager – Serious Business

    There is the idea out there that Social Media Managers are just playing around on Facebook all day and getting paid for it. To tell the truth there are some people out there who look at social media and figure […]

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What do our clients think of Stone Media Consulting?

We have received some fantastic reviews!

I have had the pleasure of working with Ruby, as well as attend several of her presentations on using social media in our businesses. Not only is she a great presenter, but most importantly, she knows social media in and out and the proper ways to use it. She stays up to date with the constant changes in the social media world and how this is going to effect us. Ruby has helped me with my website and all of my social media pages! She is a ton of fun to work with!

Stefanie Yuen Ochs Owner at Body In Motion Chiropractic

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ruby professionally for many years. Ruby is an outstanding Social Media expert guru with emphasis in getting companies of all sizes into the social media arena. She excels at aligning your brand with its online presence and engagement, from start-ups to large sized corporations. Her strengths lie in personal interaction with customers, content generation, online engagement through all the major social sites and her ability to stay informed and add value to your brand online. She is a dedicated, loyal and hard working professional that thrives in all her projects. Ruby possesses excellent interpersonal skills and gives 100% of herself to the tasks/projects at hand. Well spoken, travelled and organized, Ruby handles all her accounts with honesty, integrity and passion. She has been instrumental in growing all our brands online. I highly recommend Ruby's expertise without hesitation to any company.

Robert Avila Director of Marketing at Borges USA - Star Fine Foods

Stone Media Consulting added value to our business through state-of-the-art social media strategies. Ruby is creative, collaborative and patient. We all love working with Ruby!

Cathy Spielberger Cassetta Executive Director at The Tabard Theatre Company