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ECommerce Management and Support

 Get control of your product listings, marketing, and advertising.

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With over 10+ years of online marketing and sales experience, we understand how to work with your retail partners and know that all your sales channels are essential. Amazon’s growth has made it one of the top sales channels for many companies, and keeping your product offerings competitive, holding the buy box, and running effective ad campaigns can be a burden on your sales team. We work with you, enabling your 3rd party eCommerce channels to thrive.

We can help manage the day-to-day management of product listings, images, videos, marketing promotions, and ads. Or, if you need help getting started on marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart, we can get you up and running and train your staff to take over.

ECommerce has revolutionized how the world shops. With easy access to online shopping through sites like Amazon and Walmart, people have changed how they shop for everything from groceries to cosmetics to household appliances and even vehicles. Ecommerce storefronts are popping up all over, and with the continuing COVID health crisis, more businesses are moving from brick-and-mortar locations to online stores. 

Managing your online store on a platform like Amazon requires experience and patience. With eCommerce management services from Stone Media Consulting, your brand will expand to new markets, and audiences and your online store will grow. 


Know what your competitors are doing and research assortment

Look Good

Expanded brand A+ Content, Video, Lifestyle Shots that work on Desktop and Mobile. 


Sponsored Product Ads and Banner Management

Show Up

Site-Specific Keyword Optimization

Putting Your Ecommerce Business on the Road to Success

Services we provide for your eCommerce business includes:​

  • Analysis of competitive brands: including pricing assortment, content, and advertising

  • Catalog sku level analysis of costs, profitability, and configurations with recommendations

  • Content optimization (SEO and keyword implementation)

  • Optimization of current assets

  • Advising on assets that are needed to make you best in class

  • Recommendations on promotional opportunities

  • Initial set up and on-going monthly program management available

Retailers we have worked with include: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Thrive Market, iHerb, Coupang, Vitacost, Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Birchbox, Dermstore, & Globein.

Additional Services Provided

Google Advertising
(Pay Per Click)

Find your niche and drive down your cost per click.  Ruby has over 10 years of Google Advertising Experience creating campaigns that get results.

Google Ads for

Many Non-Profit organizations can benefit from a Google Ad Grant.  Google provides free advertising to 501c3 organizations.  Significant restrictions apply.

Online Marketing and Promotions

Digital Marketing can be a difficult area to navigate with so many options to choose from.   We will consult with you to help you make the decision that is best for you.

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