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As a registered 501C3 nonprofit, you may be entitled to an Advertising Grant with Google.  This advertising grant entitles you to advertise on Google with a budget provided to you by Google for Non-Profits.  You will need to provide supporting documentation that you are registered with the IRS as a nonprofit, and other limitations and requirements to apply.

Stone Media Will Cut Through the Paperwork


Setting up the Google Advertising Grant can be a long process.  We have set up Ad Grants for several non-profit organizations and helped them go on to run highly successful advertising campaigns to help promote their organization.  It does take time, and it does require patience to get through the beginning stages.

Ruby has over 10 years of experience working with Google and setting up Ad Grants for non-profit organizations.  Don't let free advertising dollars go to waste. Get your Google Ad Grant started and get your organization noticed.

Experience Counts


To succeed with Google Advertising, it is essential to work with a person who has a significant amount of experience with Google and their Advertising Platform.  For Non-Profits, there are guidelines and limitations included with the Ad Grant, so it is essential to work with a person with significant experience working with Google for Non-Profits.  Ruby will help you get the most out of your Ad Grant to increase your exposure.

Receive a Special Non-Profit Rate


We understand the struggle most non-profit organizations have with fundraising   We do not want to add more of a burden on our clients, so we offer a special discounted rate for non-profit organizations. 

Reach Supporters

Get your Google Ad Grant Supported Advertising Noticed by People Searching for Nonprofits

Increase Donations

Google Ad Grants Makes it Easier to Reach People and to Collect Donations

Track Your Success

Get Full Access to Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking Tools

Change the World

Be More Visible.  Increase Your Donations and Your Audience base to be able to Do More Good Work.

  • Personally trained at the Google Campus in Silicon Valley with the Google for Non-Profit Team

  • Will help you complete the application and paperwork required to set up the Google Ad Grant

  • Implementing all best practices to get the most out of what Google offers

  • Help you to take advantage of as much as Google offers

  • Maximize your exposure with proper geographic and demographic targeting

  • Identify niches to get the most out of the budget provided by the Google Ad Grant

Non-Profit areas we have worked with include:

Theaters, Symphonies, Mental Health Support, Parades

Additional Services Provided

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Google Advertising

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Find your niche and drive down your cost per click.  Ruby has over 10 years of Google Advertising Experience creating campaigns that get results.

Online Marketing and Promotions

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