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Stone Media Gives Back


Stone Media Consulting has decided to get into the holiday spirit this year but instead of hanging up a wreath or sprinkling tinsel around the office, we have adopted a foster child for the holidays through the Bill Wilson Center.

The Bill Wilson Center connects people with in the Santa Clara County to children in the foster care system through their Adopt-A-Family Holiday Giving Program. More than 1,600 youth received individual selected presents for them this year. Anyone can participate and it is simple to sign up to adopt a child for the holidays. They have varied other programs but with the holidays in full swing this program is very important to bring a smile to these little one’s faces on Christmas morning.

It was so fulfilling to go out and purchase gifts for this little girl that our company adopted knowing that she truly has nothing and deserves and each and every one of these gifts. We bought the simplest of items for her such as socks and pajamas.

The center will send you a description of the child including age, clothing sizes, and what their desired gifts are. It feels great to give back especially after Thanksgiving and realizing that we have so much to be thankful for and there are others who do not.


Here are the clothes and toys Stone Media purchased for the adopted little girl for this holiday season!

You can contact the Bill Wilson Center at:

(408) 850-6143 or

You can also check out their website for more information.



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